Malayalam Tamil Actress Nayanthara

“Being in a profession where staying fit , lean and in shape is always the priority and even I prefer to remain fit and healthy always in order to be able to meet the expectations of the people and to entertain them to the hilt. Nowadys most actress look for zero size. Since I am mostly appreciated for my beauty but I would say this is a God-given gift and I do not follow any special routine of diet or exercise to maintain my physique and beauty. I do not stay away from food for the sake of maintaining my figure. Even during shoots, I eat whatever is provided to other unit members. I have special relationship with my God who gives me inner strength to tackle every hurdle that comes my way, I love to work and work harder and always keep a positive mindset, I try to remain contented always and take a good rest. These may be the reasons why I feel more energetic each day and glow comes naturally to my face.” I will definetly look for hollywood USA offer as well as bollywood offers.

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