Gopika to wed Dr. Ajilesh on July 17 at Angamaly

Heroine Gopika is getting married to Ajilesh on 17th of this month. Ajilesh is a doctor from Ernakulam in Kerala. He is now settled in London.

The Engagement ceremony was held on 13th of this month at Gopika's native place Tiruchuru (Kerala).

Gopika leaves the industry at a time when her career is at its peak.

She was perfect for homely and bubbly girls’ roles.
Gopika’s second film, For the People, was a huge hit and Gopika was suddenly became movie goers favourite.
Cheran introduced her to Tamil thorugh Autograph and it became a huge hit.
Her latest Malayalam hit, Annan Thampi, which released on Vishu.

Tabu biography

Personal Profile (Personal Biography)

Original Name: Tabassum Hashmi
Date of Birth (Birthday): 4 November, 1970
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Black
Birth Place: Hyderabad
Languages: Hindi, English
Contact Address: Anukool, 2nd Floor, Seven Bungalows, Versova, Andheri (W), Mumbai 400 058

The real name Tabassum Hashmi , was born in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, on November 4, 1972. Younger sister of yesteryear actress Farha, Tabu was discovered by Dev Anand, who gave her a role in ‘Hum Naujawan’ when she was 10. The legendary Dev had predicted that Tabu would leave an indelible mark with her acting in the years to come.

Tabu has differs from those of typical Bollywood heroines. With loads of talent, over the years, Tabu, for sure, has carved a niche for herself as an actress.

After ‘Hum Naujawan’, in her youth Tabu was chosen by Satish Kaushik and Boney Kapoor to play the lead role opposite latter’s brother Sanjay Kapoor in ‘Prem’. Though the movie failed miserably at the box office, Tabu did not give up. She struggled with movies like ‘Vijaypath’, where she had to play roles which were not her cup of tea.

It was Gulzar’s Maachis that ignited Tabbu’s film career and earned her acclaim for her intense role that of a lover of a militant (Chandrachur Singh). She went on to win the National Award for her performance in the movie and since then there was no looking back for her.

Right from Priyadarsan to Gulzar to Mahesh Manjrekar and David Dhawan, Tabu has worked with all the top directors of the country. Astitva, Chandni Bar, Meenaxi: A Tale of Two cities or Maqbool have been some of the movies having Tabu’s most memorable performances.

After Maachis, Chandni Bar earned Tabu the National Film Award for Best Actress for the second time in 2002 . She has also won three statuettes in the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Performance category for Virasat (1997), Hu Tu Tu (1999), and Astitva (2000) respectively.

She had also done a commendable job in a south Indian hit—Kandukondain. In 2006, she starred for a small duration alongside Kajol and Aamir Khan in Kunal Kohli's, Fanaa, playing the role of a ‘tough cop’ fighting militants.

Namitha Photos

Shreya Wallpaper

Trisha new photos

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Interview with Genelia

Petite beauty Genelia Dsouza is a rage now. Dhee and Bommarillu catapulted her to league of top actressesMr.Medhavi is releasing and another film Ready with hero Ram is under progress. Earlier I assumed she is aloof and not much friendly but Sreenu Vaitla told that I was wrong. When I finally caught up with her for chitchat, I found her just as lovely and bubbly that she is generally seen in films. Excerpts from the interview.. in South India. Youngsters adore her and fell in love with her infectious smile. Now her

Sri: From Goa to Madras, Hyderabad, Mumbai... your journey is remarkable!

Genelia: (Laughs) No, you are mistaken that I hail from Goa but I am Mangalorean, not Goan. was born n brought up in Mumbai, where I did my schooling at the Apostolic Carmel High SchoolweddingBoys, ...and the rest is history.. from where was noticed and soon after that I did my first ad wit Amitabh Bachan and was then spotted by Shankar sir who was doing in Bandra, Mumbai. was intially seen at a family

Sri: You worked with Siddharth in Boys (2003) and then in Bommarillu (2006). Did you find any difference?

Genelia: See, people do change with the time. I was rank newcomer when we were doing Boys. He helped me a lot then while shooting for Boys. I did some more films by the time of Bommarillu and things are different now. He is very nice and friendly during both the shootings, I can say.

Sri: You worked with several heroes - Siddharth, Venkatesh, Sumanth, Jr. NTR, Nithin, Allu Arjun, Raja and now Ram. How do you see the difference in age groups, and how do you mold accordingly?

Genelia: As an actressspirituality. , I see what my role is and how I could perform, and I do not give importance to other things. At a time, a section of the media wrote a statement, reportedly from me, that I don't want to work with senior heroes, ...and I never said that!! ...Working with Venky, I learned a lot really. He gave me a lot of guidance, not just on appropriate attitude on the sets but also on

Sri: You looked better in Sye then in Bommarillu!

Genelia: (Laughs) Thanks, but Sye is a different kind of film compared to Bommarillu. The looks have to go with the character. I don't like to be named a "hot babe" ...I want to known as an actress. In Sye, I was a babe and in Bommarillu, I was not. I would rather act with the face then with the body in future too. Consider Happy, or even Raam - I was mostly in salwar-kameez only in Happy .

Sri: What is wrong with being known as a hot babe? In fact, in a phase of your careerSamba, Naa Alludu, Subhash Chandra Bose, etc., where there was not much to do other than sing and dance, you did films like with the hero.

Genelia: True, but after doing such films, I realized that such an act will not help my career. Bommarillu happened at such a time, and I was a known face not only in Telugu, but also in Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and in Hindi too.

Sri: How do you choose your director?

Genelia: (Laughs) They choose me, and it's not like I can choose them. Of course, before signing a film I'd definitely know the complete script and know it already!

Amrita Rao

Amrita Rao:
'There's no denying Bipasha is sexy…'

2004 was a great year for you - you won appreciation and nominations for ‘MHN’, yet the awards didn’t fall into your lap. Very disappointed, were you?
“It was a complete honour even being nominated with such senior actresses like Rani Mukherjee, but I don’t see any reason why I should be disappointed. Even a nomination is a reward, isn’t it? And if we actresses started assessing our work on the basis of awards, then disappointments will be a-plenty. There are many good actresses and a lot of good work happening. Our achievements don’t begin and end with awards but, yes, awards are encouraging.”

This year you’re back with two big banners, and your first hit co-star, Shahid Kapur. Old screen-romance revives?
“Yeah, we’re hoping the ‘Ishq Vishq’ luck will strike again. We do have this amazing comfort level. You know, there are some screen pairs that people don’t forget, like Anil Kapoor–Madhuri, Shah Rukh-Kajol...and what’s interesting is that even after two years, people remember Shahid and me as a great screen pair.”

The John Mathew Mathan film has hot sex symbol Bipasha Basu with you in the lead roles. Any fire on the sets?

“No way! Just like there was no fire on the sets of ‘MHN’ with a diva like Sushmita Sen. There’s no denying that Bipasha is very sexy, but we have such defined roles in the film that there’s no scope for rivalry. Besides, we got along very well. I think I have this strange bonding with Bongs - first Sushmita and now Bipasha!”

How comfortable are you with Shahid’s actress-girlfriend, Kareena?
“I haven’t worked with her, but I’m totally comfortable with her and I think she is, too. Bebo is a cool girl.”

Do you think you’re getting type-cast as this sweet-girl-next-door? That can limit the kind of roles you could get...
“I don’t really think the image is ‘sweet-girl-next-door’, because though Sanjana in ‘MHN’ was sweet, she wasn’t anything like the next-door girl. And you’ll see that my character in ‘Life Ho Toh Aise’ is starkly different. Now just because one doesn’t see me in a film emerging from the sea wearing a swimsuit, it doesn’t mean that I’m only doing candy floss, college-kid kinds of roles, right? The directors who approach me know exactly what I’m capable of and to what extent I can go.”

So that’s why you’re known to be extra choosy about your roles and do fewer films...
“I’m choosy because you have to see to believe what kind of scripts filmmakers come up with - they are hilariously silly! I can’t imagine from where they think of such stories; at times like that, you almost feel that Hindi cinema hasn’t moved for decades. Out of so many that I hear, there might be only one or two worth considering. There’s no choice but to be choosy.”

Like most actresses, do you believe that the industry is largely male dominated?
“Yes, I do think so. But it’s slowly changing, as scripts are being written with women in mind. It takes a lot more guts for a filmmaker to go ahead and make women-oriented subjects in our scenario.”

And the casting couch...?
“At first, when anyone asked me about it, I’d be offended, but this seems to be the talk of the town now. I think these things happen at every level in life in any profession. But how far one will go depends entirely on them. At the end of the day, it’s all about your family background and your upbringing. It’s your values that make you, or don’t let you do certain things.”

If you got a call from Steven Spielberg tomorrow offering you a Hollywood project, what would you say?
“It would be exciting to think that he’s considered me for his film - very few would want to turn down a Spielberg film. But if the film demands nudity, it will be a sure no-no for me!”

AISHWARYA Always Smiling

Abhishek Bachchan said his wife is uncomplicated and “always smiling,” in a newspaper interview published Wednesday, describing how he met and fell in love with Bollywood beauty Aishwarya Rai.

Bachchan and Rai were married in April in what Indian media dubbed “The Wedding of the Century” — an extravagant affair that had photographers and cameramen camped for days outside their homes in suburban Mumbai.

The two became friends when they worked together on the 2000 movie “Dhai Akshar Prem Ke,” but cupid didn’t strike until they filmed “Dhoom 2″ five years later.

Soon after Dhai Akshar Prem Ke, they were paired together again in Kuch Naa Kaho (2003) but it wasn’t till Aishwarya and he jived together to the beats of Kajra Re in Bunty Aur Babli, right under the eyes of dad Amitabh Bachchan, that the sparks began to fly. The romantic drama, Umrao Jaan, was supposed to be their big film together. When it hit the floors Abhishek and Aishwarya had not started dating, but well before its release they were known, though not acknowledged, to be an item. The film, though made with a lot of passion, failed to stir audiences and onscreen chemistry between the couple remained lackluster. Dhoom 2 shortly followed Umrao Jaan. Though Abhishek was not paired opposite Aishwarya the two spent a lot of time together on the sets and that seems to have done it. “We started dating in the latter half of the film as ‘Dhoom 2′ was shot for over a year-and-a-half,” he said.

“There are so many things I love about Aishwarya. She’s very human and unaffected and down-to-earth,” Bachchan told The Times. “A simple little girl who is always smiling and that’s very endearing.”

But he said it was difficult to pinpoint when he fell in love.

“There was no defining moment as such,” said Bachchan. “I cannot explain it in words.”


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