Inukai sanchi [犬飼さんちの犬] (DVDRip/MP4) Download

Title: Inukai sanchi
Release Date: 2011
Audio: Japanese
Size: 1.7GB

Another heartwarming doggie story for doggie fans - Tamotsu Inukai (Fumiyo Kohinata) is a married middle-aged man with a wife, daughter and son. He loves his family and is a family man, but because of his work he is sent to sent to an island. His family stays behind in Tokyo. With the distance between the family they communicate through a webcam on the computer. Mr. Inukai has a strong dislike for dogs, but while he is working on the island his family takes in a Samoyed dog. The son brings the dog home. To fill in the father's absence, the family decides to raise the dog. At first Mr. Inukai opposes the family taking the dog in, but he can't persuade his family to abandon the dog. When Mr. Inukai arrives back in Tokyo, he now has to has to live with the Samoyed dog

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