Starfish Hotel [スターフィッシュホテル] (DVDRip/AVI) Download

Title: Starfish Hotel
Release Date: 2007
Audio: Japanese
Size: 700MB

Yuichi Arisu slaves away in a cold, geometrical office everyday, in a humdrum job, somewhere in the huge, impersonal city of Tokyo. Every night he commutes home to his distant wife, and buries himself in the mystery novels of Jo Kuroda, a writer who has conjured up a strange alternative universe called the Darkland.
Then, one night, Arisu’s wife disappears. The following day he falls asleep on the train on his way home and wakes in a siding to find Jo Kuroda sitting opposite him. The writer persuades Arisu to tell his own story. So begins a second story about events that took place two years ago in a snow-bound town in the far north of Japan. There, in the eerie, crumbling Starfish Hotel Arisu begins an affair with a young woman called Kayoko.

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